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Nalakuvara Ancient Force Attunement:Emotional Pollution Clearing

Founder: KP. Hari Andri Winarso Wartonagoro


Know the Origins of Your Systems: A Message to Our Members

As Master Hari's Accredited Teacher for over 14 years, we deliver authentic energy transmissions directly from him. This dedication guarantees you receive the full benefits as intended, maintaining the highest standards of spiritual integrity, not an unauthorized translation etc.


Levels 1

Mantra Yes

Meditation Yes


The "Marshal of the Central Altar," is celebrated for his potent spiritual presence and this attunement establishes a profound connection between Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students with Nalakuvara's dynamic energy. 


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students, this force creates a potent protective shield, guarding Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students against emotional pollution. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students also report its effectiveness against harmful unseen energies. It supports Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students career advancement and for Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students who are self employed it helps with business expansion. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students are you ready for having pathways to opportunities and sparking creative insights revealed??? Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students this energy is celebrated for enhancing wealth, luck, and overall life success. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students say it cultivates deep peace of mind and unwavering optimism.




Included is the English digital pdf sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement.

Nalakuvara Ancient Force Attunement:Emotional Pollution Clearing


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