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Magickal Chamomile Essence Attunement: Abundance



Founder Master Hari Winarso


About Camomile:

One of the metaphysical properties of Chamomile is Abundance


About Magickal Chamomile Essence:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments dear Friend Master Hari writes his Magickal Chamomile Essence was channeled to bring about a shift of Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students consciousness and stimulates their minds in order to help you start thinking of and finding new ways to start money flowing to you. And more in manual.


Magickal Chamomile Essence may also help Cosmic Goddess Empowerments student to heal a bad financial condition and more you will find in manual.


Included is the digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant chi ball attunement.

Magickal Chamomile Essence Attunement: Abundance

  • The buy one get one free and glad gifts are available ONLY to eligible members who are clients and students. Gift must be 1 selection, 1 level of equal or lesser value and be eligible as a buy one get one offering. Teachers, Healing Professionals, Energy Therapists, Coaches Energy Session Providers, Facebook/Etsy or Sellers are not eligible for gifts and may purchase as a stand alone system purchase.



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