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Luminous Heart Essence Attunement: COOL Down High Stress Levels

2019, Luminous Heart Essence digital pdf by Hari Winarso: Facilitate emotional healing, Ease loss, Ease hurt and to COOL DOWN high stress levels


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is the original accredited reseller of Master Hari Winarso courses since 2010. We received energies purely, with integrity, and with perfection from our dear friend, Master Hari and we deliver to you via Eternal Sacred Source.


7 March 2019

Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1


Our friend Master Hari brought forth Luminous Heart Essence and he writes it was channeled to facilitate emotional healing it also helps in easing hurt and loss, calm stress, and dissolve fear. It will also help you to stay cool under pressure, and may help you cool down when you are on a high level of stress.

Luminous Heart Essence can also, writes Master Hari, assist you to release any negative thinking, negative feeling, and any other forms of negativities, like as fear, anger, hate, anxiety, and protects you from them by strengthening your forgiveness, compassion and love


Included with purchase is the original English translation digital manual sent electronically by link and distant orb of life attunement

Luminous Heart Essence Attunement: COOL Down High Stress Levels


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