Buy 1 Get 1 Gift of Equal or Lesser Value Free Guidelines & Terms of Service:

We are a Member Only Webstore, Only Our Online Registered Student Members Qualify for Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is a purveyor of English language electronic delivery digital goods.  Any energy delivered to you are spiritual energies of eternal light and love whether they be reiki, energetic or metaphysical.  "By law we must state that all offerings are offered as curios, for entertainment purposes only".  We offer copyrighted and licensed digital goods from founding authors from around the world and these offerings may not represent the belief systems of Cosmic Goddess Empowerment's staff. We offer PDF manuals, e-Books and Audio Attunements and MP3's available for reiki training, self-help, metaphysical and educational purposes and your participation in such is voluntary and you accept personal accountability utilizing information received.   

Student Member Only Store

As of May 2022, we are a student member only store.  Everyone including previously registered members must sign up on our home page.  Now, in year 16 of our online presence and one of the very first buy 1 get 1 free reiki stores from back in the day, we have discovered that our true joy comes from teaching, coaching and sharing energies with our student members or those people delving into the energy and metaphysical realms for the first time.  We specialize in personalized energy sessions and that takes up the bulk of our time so we have set these guidelines.  Eligible Registered Client and Student Only Online Members, using products for self use or with spouse/child may, if applicable, may select 1 single system of equal or lesser value as an eligible student only non-teacher member gift. This does not apply to teachers, resellers, bloggers, coaches, etc.

 "The free and glad gift is available ONLY to eligible members who are clients and students. Note: Teachers, Healing Professionals, Energy Therapists, Energy Session Providers, Facebook/Etsy or Sellers are not eligible for gifts". Energy & Reiki Teachers, Psychics, Healer Professionals or members who are making a purchase with the intention of using commercially, on social media (ex. Facebook) or other similar platforms please purchase as a standalone purchase without gift  If using for self use then you become a student and professional member and do not qualify. Each purchase has copyright and licensing guidelines now referred to Digital Rights Management which much be adhered to and many offerings are encrypted non-printable PDF manuals and eBooks which do not allow for resale, using content distant or in person sessions.  The majority of our systems do not license translations and are not master teacher pdfs.  


If an offering qualifies (not all do) as an eligible buy 1 get 1 free, and you are a Client or Student member you may select only 1 gift single level digital PDF manual for each eligible individual offering purchased. Your free choice may not be several systems totaling the purchase amount. Packages and bundles are not included as a gift choice.  If an item is not included in gift offering, there will not be a prompt at checkout asking for one or it will state not included or no BOGO.

Further, if a listing offers a buy 1 get 1 gift, you will be prompted at checkout to list this selection. If there is no prompt the item is not included in Buy 1 Get 1 offerings.  Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offerings are for 1 Member not 1 system for one person and gift selection for another person. Not all systems are buy 1 get 1.  Not all systems are Master manuals, with the majority of systems over the recent years being for self use practitioner without teacher or resale rights. If you want to know if teacher rights are conveyed ask prior to purchase. All system prerequisites must be met prior to purchase.

New Student Members:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments recommends a Learning Module Online Course load limitation of 10 courses within their first 30 days of membership in order to instill good work/study ethics and to allow full acclimation of energies.  This means allowing a day to acclimate after attunements. 

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments newly signed members, without an attunement history with us, will be limited to USD $150 in purchases during their first month of membership as well.

Appointments are available only for Lightarian Learning Module attunement initiations only.  All other System purchases are delivered by orb of life / chi ball method attunement service. If you do not know what that is please write us and we will share.  Our experience is that only teachers desire lineage and since we are a student member store, we do not provide lineage certificates. 

Not included in buy one get one free offerings:


  • Purchases by Professionals, Resellers, Teachers, Healer Professionals, Energy Therapists, Psychic, etc.
  • Lightarian Systems
  • The Chios Course
  • Sessions & Readings
  • Listings which state not Included in buy 1 get 1 free offerings or have other specific details of purchase
  • Listings After the Time/Date of Your Purchase


All sales are final.   Once downloads and attunement service prepared, there are no refunds or exchanges..  

Right of Refusal:

Right of Refusal may be exercised at any time by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments.