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Orb of Life Attunement Method

What is an Attunement?



"An attunement is an energy transmission. The energy of the attunement "matches" the energy functions of the system energies of the emanual you purchased. You are “attuning” to and allows you to activate all functions found within a e-manual.  Once you have received that dose of energy via an attunement activation your body and spirit will recognize this energy and will give you easy access to the energy stream, which enhances and increases your personal vibrational frequency, augments your spiritual development and can aid in healing".

What is Orb of Life Method?


"All attunements are delivered Orb of Life Method, with the exception of Lightarian systems, which are delivered real time by appointment. 

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments places your attunement for reiki systems and initiations into an Orb of Life. Orbs of Life are etheric energy spheres, or chi balls, in which the concentrated energy of the systems attunement is placed and are kept safe by your Angels when you activate your orb of life by intention using the activation statement specific to the system you are attuning to”.

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