2023, Manifestation Amalgamation Lightwork, Practitioner digital PDF: Lunar Energies to Evoke and Set Manifestation Intentions


18 January 2023


Founder Rosemary Noel


Levels 1 Practtioner for self use, sharing energies with others but not attuning them.  Not available for resale except by our accredited reseller.


A note from the founder:


I began channeling and working with this energy many Balsamic Moons ago and just recently began again with great success in manifestation. The Balsamic Moon is the waning crescent phase of the Moon. The waning crescent is the last phase of the lunar cycle, and it is called the Balsamic Moon Phase. This phase occurs two to three days before New Moon. The New Moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle and is time to set intentions as we enter a new lunar cycle.


The Balsamic Moon is said to relate to our commitment to destiny and it is written that whenever the Moon is placed in this position it is at a very crucial point, and attention should be made to the earthly events that are occuring during such an astrological configuration. The Balsamic Moon also is said to relate to healing and rest, since it is the last phase before the start of a new lunar cycle.


The Balsamic Moon should also be a time of inner cleaning. As we rest and contemplate our destiny we take the time to be clear about what we want SPECIFICALLY manifest in the days leading to the New Moon, and those needs must be deeply felt.


About Manifestation Amalgamation Lightwork


Lightwork can be described as any intentional spiritual practice which encompasses and evokes light, love, healing, or transformation. Amalgamation is the process, action, or result of combining or uniting.


Manifestation Amalgamation Lightwork incorporates the energies of both the Balsamic Moon and the New Moon evoking light, love, healing, and transformation for more developed manifestations.


Manifestation Amalgamation Lightwork methodology within the eBook manual helps us to raise our vibrations to release negative feedback loops in our subconscious such as poverty consciousness and to release immovable unhappiness obstructions allowing us to set a more innovative intentional mindset as we turn ourselves to the future.


The eBook manual is filled with much more  nformation and help to impliment this energy into your life.


Included is digital practitioner PDF delivered electronically (not for resale by others) and orb of life attunement service



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