(2009 Original) Sacred Sun Levels 3&4 - Practitioner PDF's, by Master Hari Winarso


Sacred Sun 3&4 with 4 pdfs by Hari Winaro 

This listing is for the Original 2009 Sacred Sun levels 3 & 4. There are 4 digital pdf manuals sent electronically by link and initiations include with purchase

Founder Hari Winarso



  1. Usui Reiki Master for 6 months or longer
  2. Attunement to 2009 Sacred Sun Level 1 and 2 from Cosmic Goddess Empowerments and a wait of one month plus 21 days.
  3. Must be a student member only of Cosmic Goddess Empowerments and received levels 1&2 from Cosmic Goddess Empowerments, no exceptions. 
  4. Wait:  There is a 1 month + 21 wait between level 2 and 3 we will not send attunements to level 3 until this time has elapsed.


About Sacred Sun:

Sacred Sun is comprised of three different energies:


1. Inner Fire/Tummo CGE

2. Fire of Serpent (Kundalini) CGE

3. Prana CGE

Sacred Sun assists to have you acquire Quantum Awareness. This listing is for the original 2009 Sacred Sun levels 2 and 3.

Sacred Sun is a broad spectrum series of initiations & activations that have various energy patterns throughout. Sacred Sun benefits purify and increase your spiritual vibration, balance energy, clear the etheric body, bring protection and increases your healing abilities AND much much more!


Included With Purchaseand Instructions:

With Sacred Sun first you take the Sacred Sun Initiation(s) for each level and then you work your way through the activations, which are self-activated. This program requires much self-discipline and is not something to rush through. It will take you several months to work through this program and initiations.

With your purchase you will receive distant initations by chi ball method only and all pdf Englis translation manuals delivered electronically by link. Chi balls will be sent at increments set forth by Master Hari Winarso.  

SACRED SUN 3 - 3 pdfs & 3 Initiations:

Sacred Sun 3 Manual 1 Includes:

1. Light of the Thunderbolt

2. Sword of Light

3. Golden Ball of Energy

4. Solar Star Heart

5. Heaven-Earth

6. Angelic Dimensional Consciousness

7. Cosmic Bliss

8. Supreme Unity Initiation listing copyright

Sacred Sun 3 Manual 2 Includes:

1. Universal Breath

2. Universal Breathing

3. Universal Breath Clearing

4. Universal Breath Healing for Self and Others listing copyright listing copyright

Sacred Sun Manual 3 Includes:

This is the Initiation Manual for Sacred Sun 3 - take first even though this is manual 3 of 3 listing copyright listing copyright



SACRED SUN 4 - 4 pdfs & 4 Initiations:

Sacred Sun 4 Manual 1:

This is the Initiation Manual for Sacred Sun 4 listing copyright

Sacred Sun 4 Manual 2:

1. Astral Parasite Clearing

2. Golden Rain

3. Rainbow Circle Protector

4. Solar Wings

5. Bright Platinum Light

6. Heart Star

7. God’s Love listing copyright listing copyright

Sacred Sun 4 Manual 3:

1. Sun Ray

2. Moon Ray

3. Mercury Ray

4. Venus Ray

5. Mars Ray

6. Jupiter Ray

7. Saturn Ray

8. Uranus Ray

9. Neptune Ray

10. Pluto Ray listing copyright listing copyright

Sacred Sun 4 Manual 4:

Four Dragons Guardian Sprits:


  1. Air Dragon
  2. Fire Dragon
  3. Water Dragon
  4. Earth Dragon



With purchase you will receive the original manuals sent electronically and initiations by orb of life attunement delivered 30 days apart.

To recap:


  • Before receiving level 3, there is a 30 day + 21 day wait between initiations for level 2 before moving onto level 3
  • There is a 30 day wait between level 3 and Level 4


Prerequisite Reiki Master - This is a student member only offering, Buy 1 Get 1 Free is for non teacher, non professional, non blogger student only members, if you are a student member only please list your buy 1 get 1 free choice selection here:

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