2022, Crystal Essences 1-6, 1 digital PDF manual by Marijana Gabrielsen: Emerald Pyramid, Moonstone White Heart, Onyx Cylinder, Lapis Sphere, & More


5 January 2022

Founder Marijana Gabrielsen

About: These energies are the essences of the most fabulous crystals on our beloved planet and the shape tells the story about the motion and usage.Dive into it and create your personal magic story!


This package contains the following 6 attunements:



  1. Emerald Pyramid is connected to the heart chakra and it helps clean and clear the heart chakra from negativity! It can further help us to connect to the divine.The energy of the Emerald Pyramid spins like a vortex and it's very soothing even though it’s very strong! Emerald Pyramid can be used as hands-on healing or as meditation energy.
  2. White Heart is a very soothing and gentle feminine energy that is created with the essence of Moonstone.The energy works wonderfully for both men and women and it will work on our feminine side. It promotes gentleness, love, divine love and love for our partner.Generally, it is going to cleanse away all the layers gathered that hindered us to give and receive divine love.
  3. Onyx Cylinder spins in a round motion. It is shaped in a way that it clears the negative energies and entities connected to your ethereal body. It will help clear your "spiritual path", help you gain strength, and it will make a shield of protection around you. If you encounter obstacles or notice energy holes in your aura, just activate the energy and use it hands-on or mentally. Make a round motion on the place of concern and it will create a “shield”.
  4. The Sphere of Lapis Lazuli is an energy sphere that is very non-invasive. It’s a very soothing energy that works on the 3 upper chakras. These chakras are going to be cleansed and filled up with this gentle energy so we are able to speak our personal truth, the truth from God. We should speak out our truth without fear, give our personal opinion and show who we truly are. Also, to express our visions and perspective. Use: Hands-on crown chakra.
  5. Ruby Rhomboid is a very strong energy that is connected to divine love between 2 people. It's connected to the Heart Chakra. It will open you up for partnership love, whether you have any obstacles in the current relationship or to find your true mate. If you have already found your true mate it's going to work on any obstacles and any problem you may encounter on a spiritual level in your relationship.Of course, it's not there to solve our daily problems, but on a spiritual level, the couple is going to have a smoother and better connection spiritually. It is also recommended to use this energy with your partner.
  6. Oval Dolomite is a very fine energy that is suitable to calm us, for gaining inner peace and connecting with the divine. We are going to be "one" with ourselves and regain that ability to be in the present moment, in the NOW, and stay focused. Activate the energy and use it as meditation or hands-on. You can even have the crystal with you and fill it up with this energy for peacefulness and grounding.


Included with purchase:


  1. The original English translation PDF manual delivered electronically by lin
  2. Distant attunement service by Orb of Life / Chi Ball Method



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