2020, Magical Lunar Eclipse Essence, Teachers digital pdf: Energy emanates a shift & portal for emancipation & reallocation of karmic direction


June 26, 2020

Founder: Zabrina

Levels 1 - Teacher manual allowing you for self use, sharing energy with others and attuning others

Next Lunar Eclipse: July 4/5

Zabrina has been channeling during the Lunar Eclipses for years, even prior to her first Lunar Eclipse system in 2018, entitled Super Blood Moon. Zabrina followers will love this system.

About Magical Lunar Eclipse Essence:

"The Magical Lunar Eclipse Essence was channeled to bring forth the mystery and magic of Eclipse energy coupled with the tremendous powers of the Full Moon. This is an emergence energy. The Magical Lunar Eclipse Essence brings into the light that which has been obscured within the shadows and crevices of the soul and propels frontward pinnacle moments, from deep within and emanates a shift, opening a portal in time for our emancipation and the opportunity to quicken our healing, and manifest faster our destiny, dreams, and desires".


"Magical Lunar Eclipse Essence creates an opportunity for reallocation of our karmic direction releasing an opportunity to swiftly move forward and wonderfully with our Karma and avoid having the shadow essence fall back into the karmic wheel without resolution".

"During the Lunar Eclipse, situations, relationships, and environments are magnified, too, allowing us to see beneath the surface, alerting, forewarning, and providing elevated psychic intuitions, bringing knowledge and confirmation of what needs closing and what might need to be opened… and much more"!


Included is the digital Teachers pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement





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