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2020, Resilience Booster Power Force, digital pdf: Energy for capability to endure, look to the future, take a new direction and even start a new life


24 June 2020

Founder Master Ananta Lucian

Mantra? No

Symbol? Yes



Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

Resilience Booster Power Force©

Resilience Booster Power Force© was channeled to propel AND unleash a divine powerfulness at the highest levels to boost the sacred and divine vibrational power infusing the formidability, preeminence, and the divine authority to boost the resilient spirit within.

Resilience Booster Power Force© provides a high level of protection as you work through adversity, health or economic crisis, tragedy, trauma, or relationship change. It helps to impart courage to look to the future, take a new direction and begin a new life. Resilience Booster Power Force© helps the capability to endure and the ability to spring back from any condition, circumstance, or environment.and strengthens your durability and ability to withstand until the circumstances improve.


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