2020, Goddesses of the Sun, Personal Use digital pdf: A veil removing, portal opening, cleansing, purification energy and more!


20 June 2020

Founder Master Rosemary Noel

Levels 1 - Student Manual for Personal Use Only

Feedback:  "This energy system is so uplifting and strong. I love it! I think I will utilize it frequently. Thank you"!


"Some of earliest deities associated with the Sun were feminine goddesses. The Egyptian Goddesses of the Sun essences which came forward with warm feminine golden energetic light for this system were Lady Bast, Lady Hathor and Lady Sekhmet. The Egyptian Goddesses of the Sun essence energies then were amalgamated with Shinto Goddess Lady Amaterasu, Norse Mistress of the Sun Lady Sunna, Vedic Goddess Lady Ushas, and Bringer of the Dawns Light Lady Aurora”.

"Goddesses of the Sun© is a Solar Essence Infusion. It was channeled to connect you with the Goddesses of the Sun, the divine feminine bringers of light, for a collective infusion of the light of the Sun. Goddesses of the Sun© helps to increase your ability to generate, retain and convey light. It is a veil removing, portal opening, cleansing and purification energy".

"Goddesses of the Sun Solar Essence Light Infusion Rite© allows you to work with the rhythms of nature. During the Goddesses of the Sun Solar Essence Light Infusion Rite© you attract and then draw in the light of the Sun, at its rising pinnacle, as delivered by the Goddesses of the Sun" and more.

Manual includes:

  • Attunement
  • Goddesses of the Sun Solar Essence Light Infusion Rite©
  • Sacred Space and Sanctified Circle Preparation©
  • Goddesses of the Sun – Solar Essence Light Invocation©
  • Self Treatment
  • Goddesses of the Sun Oil© 
  • Goddesses of the Sun Crystal Clearing and Infusion©

Includes student digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement


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