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2020, Spiritual Alchemy Magical Reiki Activation©, digital pdf: Ethereal alchemical transformational magic with divine spirit alliances


16 June 2020

Founder Master Manuela Marques



From the copyrighted manual:

"Alchemy is defined as a magical power and process of altering and transforming.  Spiritual Alchemy works with your spiritual self to transform adverse energy into an affirmative expansive light filled energy and liberates both the physical and the spiritual self from limiting beliefs which are holding you back in the physical and spiritual realms".


About the Spiritual Alchemy Magical Reiki Activation©

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments writes, "This is a high vibrational energy encompassed within a manual containing extensive ways to work with its energies".


Master Marques writes in her manual:

"The Spiritual Alchemy Magical Infusion Reiki Activation© was channeled to help connect you to Spirit and the favourable benefits of Reiki to assist you to invoke, transform and change your current life situations both physical and spiritual by ethereal alchemical transformations by means of divine magic and an alliance with divine spirits such as the angels, archangels, gods, goddesses, ascended masters and other light beings coupled with energy intention to invoke a light filled alchemical manifestations in your life".


Manual Includes Extensive Ways to Work With Energy:

  1. Receiving Attunement
  2. Activation After Attunement
  3. Activation for Specific Objectives
  4. Activation to a Place or Object
  5. Alchemy Infusion Oil
  6. Self-Treatment
  7. Treatment for the Other
  8. Pass Attunement to the Other


Included is the original English Master digital pdf manual delivered electronically by link and orb of life attunement


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