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2020, Health & Well-Being Reiki Fear Flush Reiki©, digital pdf manual by Manuela Marques: Reduce Fear Around Others Transmitting Illness & More


12 June 2020

Founder Manuela Marques


Health & Well-Being Reiki Fear Flush Reiki© was channelled for those people who have nervousness about being around people because of worry that others might transmit an illness to them. It is especially helpful for those when their work requires them to be around people, especially those who work in close quarters or need to have one on one contact.

Health and Well-Being Reiki Fear Flush Reiki© provides support to ease anxiety for those who must go out to get their supplies and can also reduce the anxiety when you have no control over others within their homes, those loved ones or visitors who have been around others when out in public.

Included in purchase, the orginal English digital pdf  manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement


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