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2020, Health Anxiety Flush Reiki©, digital pdf by Manuela Marques: Energy Assist to Help Clear Excessive Health Anxiety Concerns & More


10 June 2020

Founder: Master Manuela Marques

About Master Marques

Beloved founder Master Marques has been a favorite and trusted founder of students of Cosmic Goddess Empowerments for over 10 years.  She is now active again sharing new energy systems to the delight of her followers.

About Health Anxiety Flush Reik©i:

Master Marques writes, "Health Anxiety Flush Reik©i was channelled to connect you to Spirit and the favourable benefits of Reiki to facilitate flush energies to help clear excessive health anxiety concerns".


Master Marques continues, "Health Anxiety Disorder (also called Illness Anxiety Disorder) is a condition is which causes people to be extremely concerned about having an illness above and beyond normal concern, even after seeing a doctor".


Master Marques says, "Health Anxiety Flush Reik©i helps the quiet the endless loop of thoughts that keep from participating in a normal life. It can be activated at night before bed, to reduce excessive Health Anxiety thoughts, so you can get a good night’s sleep".

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