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2020, Protection from 4th Dimension Wandering Entities, digital pdf: Protection from Source, Archangel Michael from entities when you do readings, med


28 May 2020

Founder Manuela Fasoli

About –

Manuela Fasoli writes about her system, “in the first plane, the lower one, of the 4th dimension, the low astral you can find entities of people who have committed suicide, people wrongly sentenced to death and people who died suddenly before their time or with unsolved or unfinished work or problems. These entities are or can be dangerous because they want to come back here again and can bring their anger, bitterness, and sadness and usually they search for a vehicle such as a person to do so as a tool and often this tool is a lightworker or someone with repressed or unexpressed emotions similar to theirs in their opinion. That’s why sometimes a good person can become irascible, angry or depressed without apparent reason. With this system you have additional protections to those you’ve set in place, so you are protected by the source and Archangel Michael from these entities when you do readings, meditations, magick and spiritual works.

Included with purchase is the original 5 page English translation manual sent electronically by link and distant orb of life chi ball attunement


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