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2020, Fortification Power Force©, digital pdf: Reinforcement to spiritual & physical bodies against harm from both natural & supernatural influences


20 May 2020

Founder: Master Ananta Lucian


Fortification Power Force© was channeled to unleash a divine powerfulness and support at the highest levels, providing reinforcement to the spiritual and physical bodies against harm from both natural and supernatural influences. It works to fortify not only todays influences but the influences of the uncertain future.

Fortification Power Force© infuses the formidability, preeminence, and the divine AUTHORITY of God into your environment by bringing in a positive vibration to your space and into all vital areas of your life. It grounds chaotic energy and guards against illness by helping to eradicate contaminants.

Fortification Power Force© fortifies the strength of the mind, defending to protect against intrusions of deception, lies or uncertainty.


Included is the original pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement




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