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2020, Repetitive and Intrusive Thoughts - Brain Loop Clearing Flow Activation©, Personalized digital pdf: Help clearing intrusive repetitive thoughts


14 May 2020

Founder Rosemary Noel

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Personalized Self Use

The Personalized Self Use system manual contains a personalized student attunement

About the Flow System Series

Rosemary Noel has been channeling and bringing forth the flow system energies since 2010. "The flow system series activations are not meant to replace medical care; rather they are designed to assist with lessening symptoms of imbalance by removing the energy blockages and energy pattern shifting, to restore your body’s natural flow".

About Repetitive and Intrusive Thoughts – Brain Loop Clearing Flow Activation©,

Master Noel writes in her copyrighted manual, "Intrusive and repetitive thoughts are typically birthed from an elevated anxiety or unease caused by a real, anticipatory, or perceived threat or danger. Repetitive and Intrusive Thoughts – Brain Loop Clearing Flow Activation© was channeled to energetically assist with clearing intrusive and repetitive thoughts that run in a brain loop configuration and replay repeatedly". Digital pdf Manual includes attunement, activation/personalized activation, self-treatment and symbol functions.

Included is the original 2020 English Personal pdf manual sent electroncially by link and personalized orb of life attunement







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