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2020, Personal Boundaries Healing, digital pdf: Claim your rights, strengthen personal bondaries, speak the real spiritual and inner divine truth


4 May 2020

Founder Manuela Fasoli

About –

Manuela Fasoli writes that one of the hardest thing to do for a lightworker or a compassionate person often is to draw, to give a boundary between your needs, your space and others needs or requests. In one word sometimes we’re not able to say no! But it’s especially important to know and show others our boundaries because we must have time, spaces, and things for us! If we always say yes, we lose energy and we become Vulnerable for negative energies and outcomes. Manuela says this system helps you to claim your rights and your boundaries. Sometimes it’s hard to say the truth to someone especially if we think this truth may be cruel or may harm but the real spiritual truth can never harm because is light! But what we must know is that the truth is almost never what our brain thinks, the real truth is what the heart feels, what our inner self feels! And our inner self can’t harm,our true love can’t harm anyone quite because is love, divine love! This system says Manuela Fasoli helps you to reach and recognize your inner divine truth and act and live from that. NOTE: English paraphrasing and grammar corrections in this listing by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments.





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