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2020, Non Local Informations Downloading for HEALINGS, digital pdf: Download the resources you need for Healing Self or Others


4 May 2020

Founder Manuela Fasoli

About –

Manuela Fasoli writes, When you want something in your life usually you have in mind just the outcome, the target, the goal or final result but to reach that goal you need to change something and you must have the right qualities and inner and outer tools to do this. All you need as you know is already and always present in the matrix, in the Zero point, the non-local dimension but you must download those inner or outer tools!

With this system you can download the resources you need to heal yourself or others.

Without installing new information’s in your cells nothing can really change in a permanent way because all the ancient, old, sick limitative memories first or later will raise up again and start working as they were used to do.

Included with purchase is the original 5 page English translation manual sent electronically by link and distant orb of life chi ball attunement










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