2020, Kundalini Fire Body©, Level 2 Teacher digital pdf: Assists with Restoration of Sluggish Kundalini, Transmute, Eliminate Intrusion, Power Healing


13 March 2020


Founder Master Ananta Lucian


This Listing is for Level 2: Master Manual for Sharing Energy With Others and Attuning Others


Prerequisite: Level 1 Kundalini Fire Body© & 72 Hour Wait Between Levels


Feedback: Amazing could feel the energy heat within


Kudos to Master Ananta: Cosmic Goddess Empowerments highly recommends Master Ananta's energy systems!



Master Ananta writes in his copyrighted manual, "Kundalini Fire Body© was channeled as an ultimate source of kundalini power working from within the body, to help transmute internalized negative energy and to refine disharmony within your body. Kundalini Fire Body©, when activated helps to release deeply embedded lower energies, false beliefs, obsolete thought patterns which are not Source based and may assist with ancestral lineage healing and provide a restoration of a sluggish kundalini".


Master Ananta continues that his "Kundalini Fire Body© assists you to stop negative penetrations from taking hold or expanding. Kundalini Fire Body© assists in the efforts to eliminate intrusions, whether they are hooks, attachments or astral energy. It may also assist with infectious agents causing illness, contamination and imbalance".


Master Ananta continues, "Kundalini Fire Body© strengthens the kundalini pathway, it helps penetrate through obstructions which are impeding prana and kundalini from flowing. As these obstructions are removed your kundalini fire can reach its full capacity of inner heat, to be unleased against any adverse, damaging, or undesirable energy".


"Kundalini Fire Body© helps to protect the base chakra energy from being hijacked by others who want you for their own and can be effective dissuade the sexual interests of another and their desire to bend your will to their own for their own gain. Use Kundalini Fire Body for the blocking possessive intentions of others. It may help with keeping other people’s thought forms and influence from overpowering your own will.

"The Kundalini Fire Body© Level 2 is a dynamic energy providing an enhanced and greater energetic force than Level 1 and is the Teachers attunement. The Level 2 attunement grants you the right to attune and share the energy with others".




The signed and secured Teachers English language digital 4 page pdf level 2 manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has exclusive right of resale until April 4, 2020.







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