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2020, I Am Untouchable Magical Power Force, digital pdf: Assist to obliterate malicious energy, illness, misfortune & surrounds in a beacon of light


7 March 2020

Founder Master Ananta Lucian


Those who utilize Master Ananta's system will NOT be disapointed!

Feedback: This is very useful, powerful and potent energy. Bravo to Ananta



Master Ananta writes in his copyrighted manual:

"I Am Untouchable Magical Power Force was channeled to infuse authority, supremacy and POWER into your being on ALL levels and under ALL conditions. It propels AND unleashes a untouchable magical powerfulness at the highest levels. I Am Untouchable Magical Power Force supports the physical body, the etheric body and spiritual body helping to obliterate malicious energies. It assists as a force against illness and misfortune by surrounding you in a beacon of Gods holy light.  It can assist with malevolent, cruel and evil people as well as unfavorable planetary alignments."

Note: If an adversary (enemy) tries to segregate you from the light and send you ungodly energy, they will be met with the most POWERFUL REPERCUSSION of Gods true power and might", and MORE!

Included is the English digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement


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