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2020, Mystical Force of Sankalpa, digital pdf by Ananta Lucian: Set and BOOST the POWER of Your Intentions Formed In the Heart, Facilitate and MORE!


20 January 2020,

Founder Ananta Lucian

Symbol? No

Mantra? No


Sankalpa is derived from the Sanskrit words San, meaning a connection with the highest truth, and Kalpa, meaning vow.

Sankalpa signifies an intention formed in the heart, a vow of the heart. Sankalpa is a solemn vow, determination, or will which extends before all actions. Its force surpasses ordinary thought because it resonates in the whole of the mind, body and spirit.

Mystical Force of Sankalpa was channeled to boost the power of your intentions. It assists you to attain a significant change in your life and help you to facilitate manifestation of your innermost spiritual and personal objective and goal.


Mystical Force of Sankalpa assists you to overcome conflicting longings, desires or wants which do not align with Sankalpa, so you can achieve your hidden potentials.

Sankalpa it not a miracle to support wishful thinking and desires, it is a seed that you plant and a force that maintains the vow of your objective.

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