2019, Sacred Gaia Chakra Connection, Practitioner digital pdf: Enhance Gaia Connection, Ground energies from Crown Chakra to the Earth & More



The Practitioner System is new in 2019, there also is a Teacher and Self Use Student System in the store

28 December 2019

Founder: Rosemary Noel

Levels 2 Practitioner:  Energies for self use and sharing energies with others but not attuning them

Feedback of this system:

  • Love love love the new Sacred Gaia Chakra Connection, very powerful energy, brilliant.
  • Sacred Gaia Chakra, it's amazing and has done the best clearing and stengthening for me. The energies are working my spine, like a spinal massage and im feeling more aligned, and spiritually and physically stronger. So much healing, thank you, thank you, thank you. The clearing was so powerful, Blessing to you Grattitude and grace

About The Sacred Gai Chakra Connection System:

An Imbalanced Gaia Chakra Results In:

• Disconnectedness from Gaia

• Inability to Ground New Higher Frequency Energies

• Lower Body Physicality Disharmony

• Excessive Fear During Earth and World Transitions

• Imbalance

• Restless Sleep

• Vertigo

A Balanced Gaia Chakra Results In:

• A Strengthened Connection to Gaia

• Connectedness of Personal Essence, The Earth and All Dimensions

• Groundedness

• Growth of Fearlessness

• Lower Body Physical Congruence

• Release of Excess Energy


"The Gaia Chakra assists you to draw in spiritual energies from your crown chakra through your chakra system and ground them. Working with the Sacred Gaia Chakra Connection, your souls Light Body and its physicality connect deeply with the sentient spirit of Gaia for soul purposing, elemental connections with the faery realm and Earth and nature spirits".

Included with purchase is the original system pdf Practitioner manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunements




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