2020, New Moon Manifestation 2021, digital pdf by Rosemary Noel: New Beginnings, New Love, Reinvention, Abundance, Manifestation & More!


16 June 2020

Founder Rosemary Noel

Prerequisite: None

About this system

About the New Moon Manifestation 2021:

After working with New Moon Manifestation energies every New Moon since 2009, Founder Rosemary Noel writes "The energies in the New Moon Manifestation 2021 are 300 times more powerful than the original system".  

At the New Moon, the light and energy from the Sun is not radiated out from the Moon and things are dark and hidden as the Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun and is therefore hidden.

The New Moon, is a solar connection and a powerful energy portal is open at this time. The sun and moon work together to create a safe, dark womb for your new beginning. The magnetic pull of these energies provides the momentum for your new path. New Moons are wonderful times to start new projects or cast new intentions. A New Moons power is embryonic so any intention cast on the New Moon will continue to increase in power. Included with system is an easy New Moon Ritual. Use this system to bring forth abundance and new beginnings in any area.

Manual Includes:

  • Attributes of each monthly New Moon Sign
  • Attunement *
  • Activation for Self *
  • Activation for Others *
  • Goddess Kali New Moon Ritual
  • Write Yourself A New Moon Check of Abundance Instructions
  • Attunement for Others*
  • And More!

*  New editions since the original system Manual

With purchase you will receive the digital manual sent electronically and 1 distant attunement by orb of life chi ball call in method.

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