Devic Templates pdf: Assists lightworkers to reach their full potential, perform greater healings, increase intuitive ability, create templates


Includes 3 pdf's and 1 distant attunement


Founder Anthony Glenn Agee


Pre-requiste: Reiki 2 & Ability To Study and Work On Own


Devic Templates is a dynamic method to send healing. The Devic Templates, by its powerful attunement process, enables one to consciously work with many levels of Higher Intelligences. 


These Higher Intelligences include:

  • Overlighting Devas
  • Solar Angels
  • Nature Spirits
  • White Brotherhood
  • Your Own Higher Self

The Devic Template attunement essence activation facilitates for you a greatly increased ability to work consciously with these intelligences.  It allows you to work with the templates for personal use, in your professional practice and with groups.

It has been reported that after using the templates people has definitely noticed an increase in their own intuition and healing abilitlies You will be given templates for personal, professional and group use!

Devic Templates was created to enable Light Workers to reach their full potential.

After the attunements, many people find a dramatic increase in their intuitive abilities as well as greater healing abilities. These special attunements allow one to use the various templates for



The templates activated by the attunement are:


  • Personal Healing
  • Personal Meditation
  • Personal Instruction
  • Personal Dream
  • Personal Attunement
  • Professional Healing
  • Professional Meditation
  • Professional Instruction
  • Professional Attunement
  • Group Healing
  • Group Meditation
  • Group Instruction
  • Group Attunement
  • Miscellaneous Attunement
  • Miscellaneous Energy Clearing


In addition to these templates, you can also create your own templates for any purpose.  With this attunement you are given high level guidance from the natural and ascended realms in addition to your higher self.

The Devic Templates course comes with a detailed information explaining the history and development of the method, the various levels of Intelligence, the different templates and how to use them, methods of attuning to other energies via the templates, how to use the attunement templates to perform more effective in person and distance attunements.

With your purchase you will receive attunement by chi ball and emailed pdf manual, attunement inforationals and bonus informational







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