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2019, Shamanic Extractor Crystal Essence, Teacher pdf: Assists removal of malevolent, intrusive, dirty, misplaced energy in the body and MORE!!!


23 September 2019

Founder Ananta Lucian

Levels 1 -Teacher pdf. The Master Teacher system allows you to use energy for self and for others, as well as attuning others.


"The Shamanic Extractor Crystal Essence was channeled to connect you to an ethereal shamanic extractor crystal essence vibration for assistance in the removal of malevolent or infectious energy in your body and the body of others".

The Shamanic Extractor Crystal Essence connects you with your personal Shaman Elder, in the upper realms, in particular, the upper world crystalline dimension where your Shaman Elder selects the ethereal crystal for extraction purposes and creates it into an activatable essence for your use".

"The Shamanic Extractor Crystal Essence vibration thenceforward can be utilized by you for extractions. Use for removing intrusive, dirty, misplaced and negative energy which doesn’t belong in your body and the body of others".

"The Shamanic Extractor Crystal Essence may also help for extraction of illness, spirit or entity extractions and deep cleaning of the body’s energy channels, aura, and chakras where entities may embed themselves".

Energy Tool:

"The Shamanic Extractor Crystal Essence may also be used to create a crystal energy tool for use with your own quartz crystal for on body. Instructions for creating tool using your own quartz crystal included in the manual".

Included with purchase:

The original English Teachers Master manual for your self-use, sharing energy with and attuning others, delivered electronically by link and orb of life attunement.  Crystals not included with purchase.Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has exclusive rights of resale until October 31, 2019



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