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2019, Mystical Medicine Buddha Healing Hands, digital pdf: For Healing, Assist in finding root cause of illness, karmic illness assistance & MORE


10 August 2019

Founder Master Ananta Lucian

Levels 1

Mantra? Yes, optional

About Master Ananta Lucian:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments says this is a very comprehensive system connecting you to the healing hands of the Medicine Buddha for yourself and for integrating in your healing treatments for others!

About Medicine Buddha:

Medicine Buddha is the Healing Buddha, the Doctor of Body and Soul. He is usually represented seated with his right hand supported by his knee forming the varadamudra (varada mudra), which is the mudra of blessings. This mudra symbolizes the dispensing of boons, offerings, gift giving and compassion. Within his forefinger and thumb he supports a stem of a healing plant. His left-hand rests on his lap, holding a jar of medicine elixirs. This medicine jar holds curatives for illness but in addition works for suffering of any kind such as pain of body or spirit, poverty or bad karma.

In the traditional Tibetan paintings, Medicine Buddha, can be represented with an energy halo and is surrounded by many herbs and medicines; energy emits from his head and body.

About the Mystical Medicine Buddha Healing Hands Activation:

Mystical Medicine Buddha Healing Hands Activation was channeled to connect you to the ethereal hands of the Supreme Healer, Medicine Buddha, (Bhaisajyaguru) who is Master of Healing in the Buddhist tradition, providing the assist in healing for self and others. It helps to relieve the illness caused spiritually, physically, psychologically, emotionally. The Medicine Buddha has additional attributes to cancel bad karmas not related to illness and provide prosperity to those most in need. The Medicine Buddha has additional attributes to help cancel bad karmas and more! 

Includes Master Ananta Lucian's original pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life light attunement

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