2019, Hibiscus Shakti Essence, Master, digital pdf: Clairvoyance, Kali & Pele Goddess Connection, Healing, Heighten Passion & More


4 August 2019

Founder Rosemary Noel

Levels 1 - Master Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has exclusive right of resale until 9/18/2019

About Hibiscus Shakti 2019:

Hibiscus Shakti Essence 2019 is an energetic upgrade to any Hibiscus Shakti Essence system. Its energy is increased 300% and there are additional ways to work with energies.

Manual Includes:

  • Attunement for Self
  • Activation for Self
  • Activation for Others
  • Magical and Healing Uses
  • Hibiscus Shakti Essence Energy Flow Infusion for Self
  • Hibiscus Shakti Essence Energy Flow Infusion for Others
  • Hibiscus Shakti Essence Session for Self
  • Hibiscus Shakti Essence Session for Others
  • Attunement for Others


With Hibiscus Shakti Essence, the energies of the hibiscus were channelled so Hibiscus Shakti is the luminous and vibrant sacred cosmic spirit of the hibiscus. The Hibiscus Shakti is strong, beautiful and creative. She is paramount to distributing the healing, beauty and metaphysical aspects of the flowers essence which is uniquely hibiscus.that they are imprinted with the etheric pattern of the hibiscus itself to be used as a spiritually energetic essence and elixir. This is an amazing energy system, don't forget to scroll down to see the Medicinal, Beauty and Metaphysical properties of the hibiscus.

Hibiscus Healing Properties:

• Anti-Inflammatory

• Anti-Spasmodic

• Assists in Digestion

• Astringent

• Diuretic

• Eradicate Dandruff

• Liver Disorders

• Lower Blood Pressure

• Nerve Tonic

• Rejuvenation

• Sedative

• Stomach Stimulant

Hibiscus Beauty Properties:

• Anti-Aging

• Anti-Cellulite

• De-Clog Pores

• Emollient

• Firming

• Increases Skins Moisture

• Skin Softening

• Skin Tone

• Wrinkle Smoother

Metaphysical Properties:

• Activate Heart and Sexual Chakras

• Aphrodisiac

• Arouses Passion

• Attractiveness

• Beauty

• Clairvoyance

• Desire

• Determination

• Divination

• Femininity

• Fertility

• Free Blocked Sexual Energy

• Fuels Love

• Happiness

• Harmony

• Healing

• Heightens Passion

• Incite Lust

• Increase Sexual Responsiveness

• Kali Goddess Connection

• Pele Goddess Connection

• Psychic Development and Growth

You will receive 1 distant master attunement by orb of life chi ball and a digital manual sent electronically by link. 




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