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2019, Pullback Reiki, digital pdf, by Daelyn Wolf: Pull back from negative conditions & the edge of destruction because of negativity in any form


31 July 2019

Founder Daelyn Wolf

Levels 1

Symbol Yes



Pullback Reiki connects you to the highest energies of source to help you pull back from any negative condition to a higher frequency. If you are feeling down, Pullback Reiki can help you to reverse this and pull you back up to a positive happier mood. It helps you get back into the vortex of positive energies and helps to remove negativity from your energy fields. It also works to send back any form of negativity – hexes, curses, psychic attacks—that others may send to you, regardless of who sent it.

This is a very strong and very powerful energy that pulls you back from the edge of destruction through negativity of any form. It lifts you up instantly and changes your energies and all of the energies affecting you.


Included is the original digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement.



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