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2019, Tiger Dragon Chi Activation, Master digital pdf: Balancing Chi in a Space, Male Female Balance, Harmony of Opposites, Auspiciousness & MORE!


28 July 2019

Founder Manuela Marques

Levels 1 - Master for your personal self use and activating energy for and attuning others


Gifts of the Tiger Dragon Chi Activation May Include:

• Balancing of Energies

• Stabilization of Yin / Yan (Male / Female)

• Reversal of Power Struggle

• Equilibrium of Chi

• Balance Chi in a Space

• Balance Chi in a Situation

• Harmony of Opposites

• Auspiciousness

• Protection


In China, the tiger and dragon are commanding forces and they configure into an important role in daily life as well as the martial arts self-control. When yin yang chi is balanced, tiger and dragon represent the interplay of opposites coming together in balanced harmony. Tiger Dragon Chi Activation was channelled to provide balance to chi representing opposite powers. Balance chi in spaces, situations and more!

Tiger Dragon Chi Activation conveys light to the shadow, activity to the passivity, positivity to negativity. When this ensues, harmony and auspiciousness will flow in work, home, finance and relationships.

Master Manual Includes:

  • Attunement
  • Passing Attunement for Others
  • Activation
  • Clearing and Healing Chi Meditation
  • Self-Treatment
  • Treatment for Others



Included is the Master digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement



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