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2019, Release Reiki, digital Teacher pdf: Loosen Heavy Emotions, Dispell to Higher Light Frequency, Release Burdens of Heartache-Despair & MORE


21 July 2019

Founder: Zabrina

Levels 1: Teacher  for self-use and sharing energy with and attuning others


Release Reiki is a powerful energetic cleaning which was channeled to connect you to Sacred Source with the intention of extracting what is needed to be dispelled and released from your life and body to a higher light frequency to be converted into light and love.

Release Reiki assists with releasing burdens which are weighing you down and to loosen the build-up of heavy emotions such as heartache, despair, fear, regret and pain and then clears out this destructive energy everywhere in the subtle bodies.

Release Reiki can help you to release negative states of mind such as frustration, worry, apprehension, destruction, trepidation, foreboding and unease. It may also assist to release obstacles preventing the healing and well-being of conditions such as cancer or chronic illness. You may find it helps to release obstacles hindering growth spiritually, financially and romantically.

Included with purchase is the original copyrighted Practitioner manual pdf sent electronically by link and distant orb of life chi ball attunement.







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