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2019, 999 Heka Power Source Activation: Activate the Egyptian Power Source into your Spoken Word for Dynamism in Energy Treatment, Healing, Divination


9 July 2019

Founder Ferry Handoko

Levels: 1 for self and sharing with others


999 Heka Power Source Activation infuses the high energetic power source which is Heka. Heka is the Egyptian word for magic, Heka also means activating Ka (Life Source). 999 Heka Power Source Activation is an expansive energy and was channeled to help you invoke, connect and engage the power source into any area of your life along with a 999 spiritual power assist.

It is written that Heka energy interconnects with the power of the spoken word and the 999 Heka Power Source Activation enhances the power of the words you speak. When activating it, it becomes an inclusive dynamism in your energy treatment, healings, meditations, divinations, tarot readings and spells to stimulate the influence and success of your words.

The 999 Heka Power Source Activation has a unique energy of acceleration and becomes an accelerated power source, providing augmented and enhanced strength to your intents, healings, ceremonies and actions which is then amplified.

Included is the digital pdf English manual sent electronically by link and distant orb of life chi ball attunement



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