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2019, Auset - Ankh Energy Matrix, digital pdf manual: Ankh Energy Supercharges Spiritual Powers and Intuitive Sight to See Into Other Worlds and MORE!


22 June 2019

Founder Ferry Puthut Handoko

Levels 1

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Note:  This energy may be used by both men and women with the same result


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments provides foreward on Auset: " Goddess Auset (Iset, Aset, Eset, Isis) is the Egyptian Queen of Heaven and Mistress of Magic and an Ankh goddess. Goddess Auset is proficient in divination, healing, power, and wisdom ".


About Goddess Auset - Ankh Energy Matrix:

Goddess Auset - Ankh Energy Matrix was channeled to connect you to and the energy of the ankh and Egyptian Goddess Auset.


The ankh is the key to life, eternal life and rebirth. Mirrors in Egypt were fashioned into the shape of the ankh and said to give the owner the spiritual gift of intuitive sight to see into other worlds.


Goddess Auset- Ankh Energy Matrix may be used to energize your life force and to supercharge your spiritual powers. Use the power of the ankh for protection and healing.


Goddess Auset - Ankh Energy Matrix strengthens your connection with the Divine and Mother Earth to surround your life with good fortune, abundance and rebirth to allow you to move forward with power.


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