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2019, Back Pain and Inflammation Relief Level 1 & 2, digital pdf by Manuela Fasoli: Find Some Relief from Physical Issues & Implanted Devices


Founder Manuela Fasoli

Levels 2


Level 1:

Manuela Fasoli writes in her level 1 manual: Back disorders can have multiple causes, they may be due to a wrong posture, excessive exertion, a sedentary lifestyle, problems related to the joints or bones of the spine or muscular trauma or a nerves inflammation. This system helps you to have some relief from pain and inflammation but, of course, you should see even your doctor.

Level 2

Manuela Fasoli writes in her level 2 manual: Back pain and inflammation can be due even to implants, etheric devices ,entities attached on this area or low energies . This second level helps you when your pain or your inflammation are not due to physical causes. Of course in both cases you must work on yourself to remove the causes but with this system you can have some benefits and have some reliefs .

Included is the brief easy to use manuals (2) sent electronically by link and distant orb of life attunements..



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