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2019, Ethereal Mind Influencing Protection Sealant Essence, digital personal pdf: Seal out astral mind visitation or telepathy AND thought extractions


31 May 2019

Founder Zabrina

Levels: 1 For Personal Use

Prerequisite:  Student Member


How safe are you?

Remote mind influencing is a form of astral mind visitation or telepathy performed distantly by many adepts and psychics enabling them mind control and influence to project the ideas, wishes and feelings of one person to another. Or, to extract the thoughts of someone by another without the expressed permission!

Ethereal Mind Influencing Protection Sealant Essence was inspired by Spirit and channeled to connect you energetically to an ethereal energy sealant to provide a protective barrier to seal your mind and thoughts and secure them againt the uninvited probing by psychics paid for by others wishing to invade your personal mind space and to influence it.

Included with purchase is the original English digital Self Use pdf manual sent electronically by link. There is a Practitioner system if you are mainly interested in self us and only activating energy for another and a Teachers system so you can attune others.

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