Star of Ishtar, digital e-manual: Be beautiful, desired, sexy, invoke for protection, victory, defeating enemies, escaping danger, wisdom


Founder: Tracey Loper
   The star of Ishtar is the brightest star you see in the night sky, for they are all her stars. In fact, Ishtar means star. Goddess Ishtar is the morning and evening star.
Goddess Ishtar was a beautiful, voluptuous woman who was desired by all men. She wore beautiful, fine clothing with many jewels. Ishtar is indeed the true embodiment of the maiden, mother and crone. She is one of the highest and widest worshipped goddess of the Babylonians. It was common for Goddess Ishtar to be invoked for things such as protection, victory,
cleverness, defeating enemies, guidance, courage, harmony, strength, guidance, boldness, order, escaping danger, and wisdom. Goddess Istar is like Goddess Inanna in that she is a goddess of fertility, sexual power, pregnancy, birth, everything female, passion, love, sexual life, justice, healing and war.She is associated with sexuality. Goddess Ishtar is a combination of other divinities and as such she is one that is a powerful image to all woman and all the aspects of a goddess.To all women Ishtar represents the endless possibilities of the goddess within each of us. Ishtar?s sovereignty was not tied to a male companion or consort. She was the true Goddess, united in all her aspects of femininity and womanhood. She did not rely on the power of any man to help her reign as she reigned in her own power and wisdom.

   Ishtar can be invoked for a variety of things...

   Goddess Ishtar can be invoked to help us with compassion, benevolence,forgiveness, wishes, desires, passion, sex, all areas of love, dreams, goals, protection, guidance in walking between worlds, magick, all aspects of healing, releasing shame, taking decisive action, joy, happiness, hope, spells, longevity, vitality, order, cleverness, virility, sexual power, sexual liberation, sexual satisfaction, confusion, clearing blocks, beauty, bravery, courage, spells, defeating enemies, relieving suffering of any kind, making decisions, escaping danger, protecting those who are oppressed or mistreated, ambition, goals, sexual healing, feminine and masculine power and balance, protection, fertility, everything female, intuition, clarity, empathy and justice.
   Ishtar soothes with her divine wisdom, love and compassion in times of distress or confusion. She lends her comforting support and allows for opening or clearing the pathway for a new direction. The manual includes special procedure for attuning a stone with her energies for passion, also an invocation and more.

With purchase you will receive orb of life attunement(s) and digital pdf manual sent electronically by link

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