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2019, Psychic Supremacy Resurrection, digital pdf: Be fully alert psychically, mentally, spiritually & metaphysically to onslaught of psychic attack


24 April 2019

Founder Ferry Handoko

Levels 1


From the manual,

Psychic Supremacy Resurrection was channeled to reinforce and lift up your psychic power so you can be fully alert psychically, mentally, spiritually and metaphysically raising all your senses to onslaught of dangerous psychic attack and ward it also can ward off the bad luck keeping it away from your life. Psychic Supremacy Resurrection brings an incredible spiritual healing power and inner power restoration. When you already aligned with the energy, you will be able to destroy the snares of darkness that trying to disrupt your spiritual solidness and it may help you be protected from evil telepathic attacks, while strengthening the neurotransmitter system for a better emotional balance.

Included is the digital manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement

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