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2019, Telomere Empowerment 2019 Reload by Rosemary Noel: Auric Radiance, Physical & Sexual Vitality, Increase of New Telomeres, Hair Sheen & MORE!


31 March 2019

Founder Rosemary Noel

Levels 1

Symbol No

About the 2019 Reload:

The Telomere Empowerment 2019 Reload is an expansion of the original energy system channeled in 2011 and is now retired. The Telomere Empowerment 2019 Reload energy is a 7-FOLD increase in energy.

Whereas the original system was designed for personal development and personal use. The 2019 Reload, allows you to activate energy for another and provides attunement instructions to attune others.

About the Telomere Empowerment

Telomere Empowerment was channeled to bring energetic empowerment to the telomere and to assist you energetically in your efforts for telomere health. It can assist to slow down cellular aging by increasing new telomeres and by telomerase enhancement; as well as protecting existing telomeres and keeping telomere length.

Telomers are the guardians of DNA. A Telomere is a region of repetitive DNA which protects the end of a chromosome and dissuades the degradation of genes near the ends of chromosomes by allowing for the shortening of chromosome ends, which occurs during chromosome replication

Telomere Empowerment Benefits May Include:

• Strengthened Immune Functioning

• Memory Improvement

• Renewal of Impaired Physical Functioning

• Cellular Regeneration

• Detoxification/Purification

• Glowing Aura

• Youthfulness

• Increase of new Telomeres

• Hair Sheen

• Physical Vitality

• Sexual Vitality

• Telomerase Enhancement

• Auric Radiance

Included is the 2019 English digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and distant attunement by orb method.





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