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2019, The High Supernatural Power of Matangi, digital pdf: Psychic Boons, Occult Knowledge, Enhanced Supernatural Power Perceptibility & Mastery


30 March 2019

Founder Master Rosemary Noel

Levels 2 (7 day wait between)

Yantra: yes

Mantra: yes (optional but recommended)


The High Supernatural Powers of Matangi contains the Matangi energy of the original system channeled by Master Noel in 2011. The High Supernatural Powers of Matangi energy is 7-FOLD more formidable than the original system with a plethora of additional ways to work with energies including an increase in powers.

Her Story:

Matangi is one of the Mahavidyas, 10 tantric goddesses who represent the ferocious aspect of Devi; she is a complete goddess in and of herself.

Matangi’s Supernatural Powers

• Bestowing Psychic Boons

• Deception Discernment

• Dispelling Deceit

• Enhanced Supernatural Power

• Enhanced Perceptibility

• High Protection

• Invulnerability During Psychic Journeying

• Mastery

• Obstacle Smasher

• Occult Knowledge

• Power Over Opponents

• Psychic Expansion

• Reveal Deceit, Dishonesty

• Supernatural Expansion

• Supernatural Insight

• Supernatural Authority



Manual Includes:


  • Matangi’s Supernatural Powers
  • Her Story
  • Metaphysical Aspects
  • Matangi Mantra
  • Matangi Yantra
  • Yantra Procedure
  • The Attunement
  • Activation
  • Matangi Clearing Session
  • High Supernatural Powers of Matangi Connection Session
  • Specific Petition Ceremony
  • Matangi High Supernatural Powers Essence Oil
  • The Master Attunement
  • Healing Treatment for Client or Loved One
  • Send Energy to a Situation or a Place
  • Attuning Others

Includes the digital English pdf manual sent electronically by link and attunement delivered via orb of life method






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