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2019, Carnelian Higher Frequency, digital pdf by Ferry Handoko: Make a big ACTION, Reinforce VITAL energy, STRENGTHEN your INSTINCTS and MORE!


29 March 2019

Founder Ferry Handoko

Levels 1


From the manual, Carnelian Higher Frequency was channeled to stimulate your bravery and self-confidence to make big action to a fiery spirit without losing control of yourself. It will strengthen the instincts and logical thoughts to gain right decisions and provide harmony between mental focus and creativity. The energy of Carnelian Higher Frequency will strengthen your individuality by reinforcing your vital energy and it will allows you to mastering all kinds of relationships. You can also use the Carnelian Higher Frequency to relief stress, tension, sorrows and relieve anger and jealousy. You will be a sharp person in with lovely attitude, firm but friendly and accepted by anyone in any situation.


Includes the digital English translation pdf manual sent electronically by link and distant orb of life attunement



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