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2019, Magical Pink Lotus of Quan Yin, Teacher digital pdf: Mother Aspect Divine Feminine Connection, Attract New Beginnings & Love Dreams Come True


March 24, 2019

Founder: Zabrina

Levels 1 - Teacher, for self use and sharing energies with and attuning others. 



• Romance 

• Devotion

• Protection

• Door Opener

• Blessings

• Love

• Grace

• Beauty

• Emotional Healing

• New Beginnings

• Forgiveness

• Self-Care

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments writes that Magical Pink Lotus of Quan Yin is a wonderful system for both men and women. It is an amazing and powerful system!

Zabrina writes: “Magical Pink Lotus of Quan Yin is a loving energy and provides a heightened connection to the Mother aspect of the Divine Feminine. The energy helps you feel beautiful and strong. It supports emotional healing and lends the courage to escape a relationship where you are not being honored and adored. Magical Pink Lotus of Quan Yin assists with attracting new beginnings and emits the blessings to help your love dreams come true”.



Included is the Teachers digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and distant orb of life attunement





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