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2019, Mystical Force of Bhairavi Kavach, digital pdf: Destroy Limitations, Uncertainties, The Enemy who is SHADING the Spiritual Path, Obstacles


24 March 2019

Founder: Master Ananta Lucian

Prerequisite: Recommended puja / mantra work for Bhairavi prior for best success

Levels 1

Manta? No

BOGO? Yes for our student members


Master Ananta writes in the manual that Bhairvavi is one of the 10 mahavidyas, the energy of her kavach has metaphysical power of fire. Master Ananta continues that Mystical Force of Bhairavi Kavach is a highly consecrated etheric holiness energy from the divinity Bhairavi. Kavach means shield. The Mystical Force of Bhairavi Kavach is infused with the energy of the deity, then blessed.

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments staff found that Master Ananta's Mystical Force of Bhairavi fire protects and purifies. Bhairavi is the flaming, formidable and fierce one. Bhairavi power holds the Divine rage and Bhairavi’s fire brings the destruction of impurity.  And, Mystical Force of Bhairavi Kavach can burn and destroy limitations, uncertainties, malefic spirits, the enemy shading the spiritual path, adverse planetary influence, obstacles and hardships. 


Included is the digital pdf emanual sent electronically by link and distant attunement by orb of life method



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