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Hypothalamus Adjust and Balance 1&2, digital pdf: Assist with weight regulation, sleep cycling, biological clock determining speed of aging


14 March 2019

Founder: Master Rosemary Noel

Levels 2

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Master Noel writes in her manual “Hypothalamus Adjust and Balance was channeled to assist the flow and balance of the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is in charge of regulating body heat, blood glucose, weight regulation, appetite, thirst, mental perception, emotions, sexual desire, sleep cycle and the biological clock that determines the speed of the aging process. A hypothalamus in crisis is not receiving proper neuro messages and as a result the sensory input can malfunction, one can gain weight or lose weight, or have a loss in appetite, experience depression and fatigue, have sexual breakdowns, body temperature malfunctions, sleep disorders, brain fog and the lessening of perception and intuition. Hypothalamus Adjust and Balance is an energetic assist to adjust the flow and balance of the hypothalamus”.


Included is the English Master Manual sent electronically by link and distant attunements via orb of life method spaced 7 days apart.  



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