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2019, Mystical Glance of Aphrodite, digital pdf: Conquer haters, online trolls, rise above being underestimated, confidence to face obstacles


3 March 2019

Founder: Ferry Puthut Handoko

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Levels 1


Ferry Handoko writes that the Mystical Glance of Aphrodite was channeled to conquer the haters, bullies and online trolls and release the most precious potential within you. It strongly enhances the confidence to face all kinds of obstacles from outside to defeat the jeers of haters and to rise above feeling underestimated, ostracized or being considered as a useless person. Aphrodite does not only offer her affection and softness of heart but Aphrodite also offers bravery, persistence and great power. The energy of the Mystical Glance of Aphrodite will arouse the mighty authority to win in your own real-life story. It supports you to be independent and able to face a hard life with love and patience. It will strengthen your heart so you will never shed a tear for sadness, affliction or difficulty. Your tears will drop only for happiness and appreciation for achievements.


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