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2019 Varaha Vishnu Higher Force, digital pdf by Hari Winarso: Awaken your spiritual wisdom, intuitive awareness and highest potential inside you


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Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is the original accredited reseller of Master Hari Winarso courses since 2010 and as the accredited reseller we have permission if we desire to list Master Hari's systems as buy 1 get 1 free for our registered student members. We received energies purely, with integrity, and with perfection from our dear friend, Master Hari and we deliver to you via Eternal Sacred Source. You are assured of true lineage and manuals presented as Master Hari's copyright outlines.

2 February 2019

Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1

Mantra Yes


With Varaha Vishnu Higher Force you can release hidden negativities and cleanse and clear your hidden limitations. With use, this higher force can assist you to manifest true abundance, real abundance in all areas of your life.

Our friend Master Hari writes that Varaha Vishnu Higher Force was channeled to assist you to improve your personal energy and all sides of your life to the higher level. This energy, writes Master Hari can assist you to find your life purpose, and also strengthens the ability to understand and work with your life purpose. And then guides you intuitively to fully explore and understand the universal and spiritual knowledge with the main purpose to awaken your spiritual wisdom, intuitive awareness and highest potential inside you.





Included is the original English translation manual sent electronically by link and distant attunement via orb of life method




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