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2019, Almighty Lord Healer and Channeler, digital pdf manual by Manuela Fasoli: ecome a channel a real pure energy for the Lords healings & messages


2 February 2019

Founder Manula Fasoli

Levels 1

Symbol? Yes


Manuela Fasoli writes that Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students might find that this system is maybe the most powerful and the brightest system you can find because it comes directly from our beloved Lord with the help of archangels Michael, Raphael and Metatron.

Manuela Fasoli writes that with this system Cosmic Goddesss Empowerments students have the ability to become his tool, his servant, his healer and his channeler according to his Divine will. Manuela Fasoli writes I could have called this method “Thy will be done my Lord, not mine” and that is because with this system the Lords will will be done, not yours.

Manuela Fasoli says that this system Cosmic Goddess Empowerments student to become a channel a real and pure energy for all the Lords healings and messages and in this manual you’ll find many prayers to heal yourself and others from all kind of problems,situations and diseases.

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments writes: "Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students will find included are healing relationships, peace and happiness for a family member, a psychological healing prayer request, a healing request for release of all thoughts and behaviours that create the illness and pain, for finances, to forgive and let go and to heal the past and you will have the Lord's will be done in the circumstance " .

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