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Belladonna Seduction Magic Reiki, Personal-Use digital pdf: Increase your seduction power, create an aura of attraction of the opposite sex & MORE!


9 January 2019

Founder Zabrina

Levels 1  Personal Use is for your self use only


Can be used by members of either sex.

Belladonna Seduction Magic Reiki combines the power of magic and the safety of reiki. The name Bella Donna is Italian meaning beautiful lady. Use of the Belladonna Seduction Magic Reiki helps you increase your seduction power with the opposite sex by the influence of your gaze. It is scripted that Italian enchantresses would attach Belladonna to their skirts to create an aura of attraction of the opposite sex. Place Belladonna Seduction Magic Reiki Essence on your clothing as the enchantresses and create an aura of seduction and magical attraction.


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