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999 Shakti Kundalini Tummo Essence, Teachers digital pdf: Divine Feminine + Kundalini + "999 Vibrational Pulsations" + Tummo Fire


7 January 209

Founder: Master Rosemary Noel

Symbol Yes

Levels 2 - Master Teacher System Allows Self Use and Sharing Energy & Attuning others

Wait Between Levels 14 Days

Prerequisite: Kundalini Reiki 1-3

Recommendation: The Original Shakti Kundalini Reload


Master Rosemary Noel first channeled the energy of Shakti Kundalini over a decade ago, in 2008 and since then has mastered and evolved these energies. The 2019, 999 Shakti Kundalini Tummo Essence was channeled and co-created with Shakti as a divine feminine energy and sacrosanct force with the "vibrational pulsations of 999 and the inner fire of Tummo", allocating you to be both a receiver and a channel of the transmission of the 999 Shakti Kundalini Tummo Essence amplified expansion frequency.

The 999 Shakti Kundalini Tummo Essence consolidates the original Shakti and Kundalini energies and merges them with candālī, an inner fire Tummo essence, conveying a mystical energetic force and power along with the luminous energy in the fluidity light frequency of 999.

Included is the original digital pdf teacher manual (not for resale by others) sent electronically by link and distant attunements by orb of life method.  Rosemary Noel has exclusive right of resale until 7 February 2019




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