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God's Holy Fire Angels of Vows, Resolutions and Contracts Reversal, digital pdf for Personal Use by Manuela Marques: An amazing holy fire energy


4 January 2019

Founder Manuela Marques

Levels 1 for self use only

Manuela's Original God's Holy Fire Angel system was one of the most popular courses at at Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Manuela Marqest 2018 courses were the most trendy with students.

Manuela's God's Holy Fire Angels of Vows, Resolutions and Contracts Reversal contains the energies of the original with a more special focus.


Manuela writes the God’s Holy Fire Angels for Vows and Resolutions and Contracts Reversal Activation was channeled to connect you with God’s Holy Fire Angels, specifically for clearing vows and resolutions, expressly those which are deep-rooted and likewise for the hidden vows affecting your path today and those that your soul is ready to release.

Many vows and resolutions are binding until they are released by God via the Angels who are overseeing the contractual agreement.  Numerous vows are deep-rooted vow which may include, but are not limited to, the Vow of Poverty, affecting your finances and inability to move forward financially; the Ancestor Vow, the contractual agreements of your Ancestors affecting you because of your shared DNA; the Deathbed Vow, created or accepted at the deathbed; the Religion Vows, made to deities or organizations; Spiritual Decreed Resolutions and Now and Forever Vows.


Included with purchase is the digital English pdf manual for your self use sent electronically by link and attunement by orb of life method



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