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Angels of the Merkavah Light Frequency, Teachers digital pdf: Fortify positioning w/spiritually advanced lightworkers beaming light to Earth


4 January 2019

Founder Manuela Marques

Symbol: Yes

Teachers Manual: For self use and sharing energy with and attuning others.

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Levels 3 


"An incredible system I love her descriptions and it feels really good".

About this system:

Angels of the Merkavah Light Frequency was channeled from the Throne Room of God, where it has been proclaimed, that the Angels of the Merkavah Light Frequency Activation, vibrating in the frequency of 999 is available to be energetically downloaded to our light body to fortify our positioning with the spiritually advanced civilizations, ascended masters anwho are beaming this light frequency to Earth at this time with with the Angels of the Merkavah Light Frequency overseeing the process.

As you dwelleth within the vibratory codes of the Merkavah Light Frequency brought to you by the Angels, your light quotient is proliferated and this frequency provides access to the intergalactic gateway, thereby sanctioning the interdimensional leap and circulating access to the interdimensional vibrations to you.

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